August 27, 2019 2 min read

We are living in an interesting time.

It’s a digital world, no doubt. But behind the blue haze of our screens, we’re starting to recognize a need for the tangible, to place a greater value on the analog. What was old school is new again.

If you walk through an Urban Outfitters, you will see exactly what I mean. Vinyl records. Jigsaw puzzles. Cameras and film. Roller skates. Board games…

Our souls are crying out for simpler times. And so are our minds. We don’t even know our parents phone numbers anymore and probably couldn’t learn them if we tried.

As truly amazing as technology is, it can’t be everything to everybody all the time. And in some very key ways, it’s failing us.

Case in point, taking notes in class. There’s no question that clicking keyboard keys can’t always capture the greatest ideas like a classic pen and paper can.

Countless studies show that handwritten notes are superior. They improve retention, boost creativity, and increase test scores. Plus, closing your laptop and putting down the phone keep distractions at bay.

The problem is, traditional spiral notebooks leave much to be desired. Cheap paper that buckles and bleeds, flimsy covers and snagging wires are the worst. And who wants to lug around a notebook to study on the go? Not this girl.

That’s where smart notebooks come in. They’re the perfect blend of analog and digital. And the benefits are fire.

Take better notes (that you’ll actually understand and remember) in a quality notebook, and then save them to a secure cloud for organizing, sharing with classmates, and studying anytime, anywhere.

 It really is smart.

 And nobody does it better than hamelin. The whitest OPTIK® paper that won’t bleed through. The hottest SCRIBZEE® digital app that doesn’t cost a thing. And the best grades you’ve ever gotten.

See for yourself!

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