Be noteworthy.

Be noteworthy.

What’s your Be?

Be. It’s the voice in your head and the butterflies in your stomach. It’s your boldest ideas and your wildest dreams—and the guts and grit to pursue whatever makes you tick. Like a fingerprint, your Be is the mark you’ll leave on this world.

At hamelin, we believe the mark you make starts with the notes you take.

From a small factory in France more than 150 years ago to our latest rollout in the US, (BONJOUR!) we know a thing or two about a notebook with superpowers. Your notes today can change our tomorrow—and that’s not something we take lightly. Anything and everything is possible when you take pride in your ideas, let them flourish on paper and stay true to your Be.

Be noteworthy. That’s ours.

In a world where we can be anything, we strive to be worthy of your big ideas. That’s why we think of our notebooks as so much more than style phenoms, bright OPTIK PAPER TM with no bleed through, and the SCRIBZEE® App to transfer, organize, and archive all your notes, doodles, sketches and well...your Be.

Hamelin notebooks are Creativity Sparkers.

Genius Capturers. Status Quo Crushers. A celebration of who you are today and a launch pad to whatever you dream to become.

With hamelin notebooks, there’s no limit on what you can Be.

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