Best Practices for Learning Remotely


E-Learning or remote learning is now a reality for students, teachers & parents across the country and around the world. There are tons of resources available on how to turn your home (or anywhere) into the perfect remote classroom, we’ll link a few below at the bottom. But today we wanted to focus on a specific question: How can SCRIBZEE®, hamelin & the FLASH 2.0 Eco-System supercharge your studying & notetaking efforts? Our products are especially designed with convenience and technology in mind which makes them an even better choice for the modern classroom. So buckle up and scroll down to start learning from home.


Hamelin’s smart products transform the digital classroom experience:

How hamelin’s notebook can change the way you learn remotely:

  • Classroom methods are replicated 🏫 You can still handwrite your notes when listening to online seminars, mapping out math equations, watching science demos, and more. You still gain all the benefits of handwritten notes, with extra perks included like attaching a photo of the whiteboard.
  • You’ll never lose your notes 🌈 Never worry about misplacing your notes at home or a sibling accidentally coloring over them. (Although our vibrant colored notebooks do make for a fun coloring book!) All of your notes can be saved right to your phone by taking a quick photo via our free SCRIBZEE® app for easy access and organization.
  • You can easily share your notes 🔗 No need for broadband, high-speed internet when you can share your notes right from your phone! Skip the in-person meetup, too, when you need to discuss them. Instead, share your notes with friends directly through the SCRIBZEE® app and use Facetime, Skype, or a simple phone call for a review session. Stay safe and smart!
  • Make Flashcards for test day ✔️ Once you have all your notes in one place, you can transform them into study tools with our FLASH 2.0 flashcards. Study and quiz yourself both with the physical flashcards when you need a break from all the digital resources or practice right on your phone with quiz mode. Just like our spiral notebooks, simply snap, save, and start studying in seconds.
  • Submit assignments with a click 🖱️ You can even submit an assignment directly through SCRIBZEE® which is compatible with Google Classroom, OneNote, Teams & more!
  • Search anything anywhere anytime 🔍 With new AI powered handwriting recognition you can search through your handwritten notes and even filter by relevancy/date.

Stand up & stand out. In the classroom or at home. 


No matter how you’re learning this year we know you’ll be noteworthy! If you enjoyed this content be sure to check out our other blog posts. It takes a balance of skills, attitude & the right tools in order to pull off any kind of great feat. In the day-to-day tasks of school it’s easy to forget that working towards a degree is never straightforward, especially now having to navigate these new unknowns. For even more great resources be sure to follow us on our social media channels so you can make the most out of your online education.



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