EPIC Study Tips for Acing Your Exams

June 09, 2021 2 min read

EPIC Study Tips for Acing Your Exams

Study tips to help prepare you for your next big exam

We are so excited to be partnering once again with Prep with Jen. In this video Jen walks us through some fantastic and proven methods to taking notes and studying for exams. As a professional tutor Jen has seen it all! Her experience has taught her the most effectives tips and techniques in test preparation. In this video Jen walks us through the process from taking notes in class to feeling prepared and confident at test time.


What did you think of those study tips? Are you feeling ready to take on the world of test taking! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or reach out to us & tell us what techniques you use on test day. Here's some timestamps if you don't have time to watch the whole video:

  • Foundational Work
    • Good Notetaking is at the heart of good test taking. Building a solid foundation will make the work down the road easier.
  • Create a Study Plan
    • Create an Exam Topics list & ‘Difficulty Tracker’ so you can check your progress as you go & easily review subjects. (see Diagram 1A below)
  • Review Your Notes
    • Reviewing regularly in smaller sessions is more impactful than cramming all at once near the end.
  • Digitize Your Notes
    • SCRIBZEE® can easily store all your handwritten notes so they can be accessed on any mobile device or computer. Study flashcards on the go with ‘quiz mode’ or review all your lecture notes by searching your handwriting in app!
  • Ramp up To Test Day

Get a good night’s sleep & stay prepared for the big day. SCRIBZEE® can help you set alerts for test day & last-minute studying to help you be as noteworthy as possible!

Pro Tip:

A ‘difficulty tracker’ like the one Jen made in her video is a great way to review large amounts of material & know what you have to focus on next. The SCRIBZEE® App has this feature built in!


We hope these tips are as helpful as they are EPIC! We know you will get out there & be successful no matter what test you’re taking. Hamelin Notebooks & FLASH 2.0 Index Cards are the perfect studying tools for anyone with a noteworthy attitude. Study hard and ace your next test, and the one after that, and after that … ace every test with Hamelin + SCRIBZEE®!

If you enjoyed this video & article be sure to share with others, follow us on our social media pages & let us know what you think. We have got tons of great resources available throughout our past blog posts so feel free to check them out here. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our contact page for F.A.Q. or to reach out to our team. Thanks and have a Noteworthy Day!

Bonus Pro Tip:

Good music can be a super helpful tool for effective studying! Make sure you've got the perfect environment and focus oriented jams to keep out the distractions & make the most out of your study sessions. Here's some of our favorite smooth, lyric-less, focus ballads to help you stay on track & Be Noteworthy!

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