FLASH 2.0: Your New  Studying Staple

FLASH 2.0: Your New Studying Staple

FLASH 2.0. Not your mother's flashcards. 

Looking for a reliable study partner to keep you on task and help you get the most out of study sessions? FLASH 2.0 is the all-in-one study buddy that combines the time-tested techniques of physical writing with the benefits of digital access!   

Traditional index cards are cheap, boring and outdated; digital flash cards are tech forward but don’t live up to the hype. Enter FLASH 2.0, the next generation flashcards. We livened up this reliable study tool with colors to help you code and organize, equipped them with easy scan tabs for swift digitization, and developed SCRIBZEE, a quizlet-like software to assist you anywhere, anytime.  

Study Smarter, Not Harder with FLASH 2.0, the next Generation Flashcards 

We think learning should be fun and inspiring. Whether you’re aiming to learn a new language, study diagrams for med school, or training to be a Jeopardy genius - hamelin has you covered! What makes our cards different? 

  • 12 colors to keep you organized. 
  • 2 sizes to choose from (3x5 or 4x6 flashcards). 
  • Smooth surface for swift writing 
  • Rounded edges meaning no papercuts (the only corners we recommend cutting;). 
  • Crisp, lined, premium card stock (see through index cards would be pointless). 
  • Free SCRIBZEE® App that fuses tradition with technology. 
  • Carry multiple decks of flashcards in SCRIBZEE. 
  • Add photos and notes to expand discussion 
  • Quiz yourself anytime, anywhere and track your progress. 


Why Should I Bother Using Flashcards?

Great question! Writing down what you want to remember helps retain that information longer, but there is more going on below the surface. Quizzing yourself using flash cards offers a moment of self-reflection that deepens memory, this is known as metacognition. Flash cards are effective because they employ something known as active recall. Active recall is the process of developing answers without context clues. Studying in this manner is difficult for your brain, and it's that difficulty that creates stronger connections to the material. The double whammy of writing it down and self-testing improves retention at impressive rates. It also improves accuracy and more, as you’ll find in the next section. 

The Benefits of Handwritten Flashcards

When it comes to the benefits of handwritten notes in general, not only will you remember more, you will retain better information. Researchers Pam A. Mueller (Princeton University) and Daniel M. Oppenheimer (University of California, Los Angeles) teamed-up to track the test result differences between students who took handwritten notes versus typed notes. 

The results: Handwritten notes were more concise, more accurate, and students retained and recalled more information when tested. 

Simply put: Physically writing your notes helps you learn the information better. Combined with metacognition and active recall, flash cards are the best way commit new ideas to memory. 

How to Study with FLASH 2.0 

Here’s a breakdown of how best to use FLASH 2.0 to your advantage! 

  1. Choose the size and color of your FLASH 2.0 index card 🌈
  2. Choose whatever writing utensil makes you happy (pen, pencil, highlighter, paintbrush). ✏️
  3. Write down the information you need on the card, and feel free to customize them with words, illustrations, diagrams, mnemonic cues - get creative! 📝
  4. Download the free SCRIBZEE® App 📲
  5. Open the App and scan the first side of the card. 📸
  6. SCRIBZEE® will take on the hard work of organizing your flashcards by color (All you have to do is name the folder by topic!) 📁
  7. Start studying! Quiz yourself with the actual cards or right on your phone, where you can flip through cards, swipe and keep track of which ones you know, or need more work on, and take note of your progress. 💯



When it comes to math, it’s easy: You + FLASH 2.0 = Success. Our flashcards are the first to close the gap between analog and digital, giving you the best and most effective studying experience. Hamelin is here to champion your goals - all you have to do now is stock-up on your favorite colors of FLASH 2.0 and challenge yourself to achieve more.

Be creative. Be bright. Be You. Be noteworthy.

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