FLASH 2.0: Your New Studying Staple

February 17, 2020 3 min read

FLASH 2.0: Your New  Studying Staple

Tired of studying already? We sure hope not, because summer vacation is still a ways away! Are you ready to up-grade to a faster, easier, and more effective way to study?

Whether you refer to them index cards or flashcards is your call (both are technically right). What really matters is using the best flashcards to get the best results. We’ll give you the 411 on how brand new, cutting-edge FLASH 2.0 can up your study game in a matter of seconds.

Why Should I Bother Using Flashcards?

Great question! When you write out the facts you’re aiming to memorize first, you actually retain that information longer. Don’t just take our word for it.

The Benefits of Handwritten Flashcards

When it comes to the benefits of handwritten notes, researchers Pam A. Mueller (Princeton University) and Daniel M. Oppenheimer (University of California, Los Angeles) teamed-up to track the test result differences between students who took handwritten notes versus typed notes.

The results: Handwritten notes were more concise, more accurate, and students retained and recalled more information when tested.

Simply put: Physically writing your notes helps you learn the information better. Now, where do flashcards come into play?

Handwriting + Active Recall = Success

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of taking notes by hand, let’s catch you up to speed on how flashcards enhance those benefits. The repetitive nature of writing down information on both sides of the index card and then actively recalling what you wrote plants those facts into your memory. Not only are you optimizing your short-term memory when you write down those facts on each flash card, but you are also your increasing the odds of filing and storing that information into your long-term memory. When you combine handwriting with active recall techniques, flashcards become the optimal way to study.

Take Note: Traditional Flashcards Alone Are Boring!

It’s no surprise that the traditional stock of plain white index cards are pretty dull and instantly cramp your imagination. When it comes to stirring your creativity and memory, we understand that typical flashcards fall short.

Study Smarter Not Harder with FLASH 2.0, the next Generation Flashcards

We think learning should be fun and inspiring. Whether you’re aiming to learn a new language, study diagrams for med school, or are training to be a Jeopardy genius - hamelin has you covered! What makes our cards different?

  • 12 colors to keep you organized.
  • 2 sizes to choose from (3x5 or 4x6 flashcards).
  • Rounded edges meaning no papercuts (the only corners we cut when it comes to studying).
  • Crisp, lined paper of premium stock (see through index cards would be pointless).
  • Free SCRIBZEE® App that fuses tradition with technology.
    • Quiz yourself anytime, anywhere and track your progress.

How to Study with FLASH 2.0

Here’s a breakdown of how best to use FLASH 2.0 to your advantage!

  1. Choose the size and color of your FLASH 2.0 index card.
  2. Choose whatever writing utensil makes you happy (pen, pencil, highlighter, paintbrush).
  3. Write down the information you need on the card, and feel free to customize them with words, illustrations, diagrams, mnemonic cues - get creative!
  4. Download the free SCRIBZEE® App
  5. Open the App and snap a picture lining up the four boxes to the four corners of the index card.
  6. SCRIBZEE® will take on the hard work of organizing your flashcards by color (All you have to do is name the folder by topic!)
  7. Start studying! Quiz yourself with the actual cards or right on your phone, where you can flip through cards, swipe and keep track of which ones you know, or need more work on, and take note of your progress.

Need some visual cues? Check out our simple how-to video.

When it comes to math, it’s easy: You + FLASH 2.0 = Success. Our flashcards are the first to close the gap between analog and digital, giving you the best and most effective studying experience. Hamelin is here to champion your goals - all you have to do now is stock-up on your favorite colors of FLASH 2.0 and challenge yourself to achieve more.

Be creative. Be bright. Be You. Be noteworthy.

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