March 09, 2020 3 min read

Missed your chance to meet us last month at CES

Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on all the excitement that happened while you were away!

Although our week at the largest tech event in the world has come and gone, the experience left us with many memorable impressions and a lot of inspiration. Stepping into the limelight, hamelin products certainly took center stage and drew a crowd!

Hamelin wins big!

A drum roll as the winning results are announced…

Hamelin earns Best of Family Tech at CES by Parents for our SCRIBZEE® app! 

Voted Best App for Kids, hamelin was one out of twelve top companies throughout the entire show to win one of these prestigious awards. As an extra bonus, we think the award complements our yellow notebooks quite nicely, too. 


All applause aside, the debut of Flash 2.0 was a huge success at CES with many people (at times, seemingly the majority of CES’s nearly 200,000 attendees) popping by our busy booth to check out the fun and more efficient way to study on the go. People couldn’t believe that paper was a major highlight of a tech show! Bridging the gaps between the analog and digital worlds, Flash 2.0 - hamelin’s next generation flashcards that are compatible with the SCRIBZEE® app - received a big thumbs-up by parents, students, professors, writers, and knowledge-seekers alike. 

Are Flash 2.0 index cards sparking your interest? Click here to learn how they work! 

Representing hamelin on the main stage: 


CES 2020 brought us many wonderful opportunities to share the benefits of hamelin, all while meeting some amazing people along the way. Our very own Giulia Giovanelli, President of Hamelin Brands, Inc. North America, was selected as a thought leader to be interviewed for the Firing On All Sensors panel and gave her amazing perspective on the importance of bridging the analog practice of handwriting with the digital world today, capturing hamelin’s vision and mission in developing our cutting-edge products.

Check out our Facebook page to catch a glimpse of her interview, and stay up-to-date on all of hamelin’s exciting news and events!

Fantastic feedback:

We were thrilled with the feedback people gave on both our lines of notebooks and flashcards. Our fans loved the fact that handwritten notes could be easily transformed into a digital study guide or quiz right on their phones. Everyone loved the live demos we had showing how to take the best notes with the best flashcards. It’s a no-brainer why people at CES had a ton to say about hamelin products!

One of our customers commented, “This is the best thing I’ve seen all week at CES!” 

Another admirer of our smart flashcards voiced, “I wish I had these when I was in school.”

We even had professors saying, “‘I’m going to give extra credit to my students who buy these!” Hey, you can never go wrong with extra credit. 

After conversing with friends about CES favorites, ForbesLife writer Scott Kramer noted:

“While there seemed to be a tremendous amount of eye-catching, super-cool technology there, I’m confident that hamelin’s had to be one of the most well-thought-out and practical everyday-use systems at the tech show.” 

Like many of the amazing writers, students, and professors we met at CES, Kramer himself is also an avid fan of hamelin’s spiral notebooks and products. Like Kramer, many of the people we had the opportunity to chat with loved the fact that you didn’t need a special writing utensil for turning your notes into a digital library; you can use pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, crayon, anything that helps you make your mark! We left the creativity in your hands. Check out Kramer’s full take on all things hamelin, here


When it comes to CES 2020: We came, we saw, we conquered. Meeting our fans new and true was a remarkable experience. We hope everyone at CES had just as much fun as us, and we can’t wait for the next exciting opportunity that lies in store for us.

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