Staying strong during mobile learning

September 08, 2020 3 min read

Staying strong during mobile learning


This month we wanted to share some of the things that have inspired us to be strong this year. We know you’re a noteworthy group, but attending class from home would be a challenge for anyone. Our message is to never give up!

First off congratulations on making it this far into the year! The ups and downs of 2020 seem to be never ending but being strong and persevering is the best way to make it through and be better than ever. Strength throughout the school year is difficult to find and especially keep, but one thing that always makes it easier is having the right set of tools. Taking the time to get determined, setting up a method/system for being organized, and turning your dreams into plans before diving in head first can be crucial. With hamelin products and our free SCRIBZEE® app our goal is to help make things easier for mobile learning, at home learning or both.


Here is how hamelin products with the free SCRIBZEE® app can help:

  • Never be afraid to be without your notes, whether you leave them at school or home you’ll always have access through the SCRIBZEE® app 
  • You can even submit an assignment directly through SCRIBZEE®which is compatible with Google Classroom, Evernote, OneNote, Teams & more!
  • With new AI powered handwriting recognition you can search through your handwritten notes and even filter by relevancy/date.
  • Study for your exam anywhere anytime with easy to use quiz mode!
  • Supplement a handwritten assignment with pictures,notes and graphs all from your phone
  • Help group collaboration by easily sharing handwritten notes & ideas with classmates and group members

    Interested in learning more about all the SCRIBZEE® features, be sure to check out recent SCRIBZEE® tips video series.


We want to hear from you! We always value your input and want to hear what challenges and benefits come from having a whole new type of school year. Whether you are about to graduate or it’s your first year in school let us know how mobile learning has been for you. Here’s a 60 second survey on mobile learning for students in any grade.

The results from this survey will be displayed next month so stay tuned, and if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest to see how other students answered!

Inspirational Resources:

Looking for some inspiration to keep you going? Take a look at these awesome inspirational videos. These interviews with students & teachers remind us of what it takes to stay determined & be noteworthy all year long!

Here’s a great quote from Thomas Frank:

This is an awesome point made by Roberto Blake & expanded on by Thomas Frank. Staying determined in the long run is always the best strategy for success, irregardless of what you’re working towards!

We’re also excited to unveil our newest page for teachers:

(stay tuned for more teacher related content)

If you didn’t already see; in August we had an amazing back to school giveaway with all sorts of prizes! Thanks again to all of the contributors and winners, we hope these hamelin products help you stay strong this school year and succeed. To stay up to date on our most recent bundles, giveaways and deals be sure to check out our new promotions page:

If you haven’t already be sure to visit these great inspirational resources from our past blog posts:


We hope you find these resources as inspiring as we did! One thing is for sure: whatever you’re working to overcome this school year, having a good outlook and proper set of ‘tools’ can help you get where you need to go. Hamelin products are built to be strong and easy to use throughout your school year and for years to come. Be sure to follow us for more great content as we all work through the 2020 school year together! If you haven’t already sign up for our newsletters to receive the most up to date info on our latest deals, promotions and giveaways.

Be Strong, Be Noteworthy!

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