January 06, 2020 3 min read

We’re ringing in 2020 with a serious dose of innovation that is going to completely change the way you study. 

Drum roll please... 

Introducing Flash 2.0—the next generation flashcards, launching at CES 2020

Not your mother’s flashcards

First of all, the cards themselves are super smooth premium stock index cards with colorful edges and rounded corners for a satisfying feel and an elegant look. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These cards go far beyond their unmatched aesthetic.

Powered by SCRIBZEE®, hamelin’s analog and digital bridge, our flashcards offer you the opportunity to jot, write, and draw your notes in your own handwriting (remember, this is key for retention!) and then, with the seamless click of a button, study these notes digitally, whenever and wherever you want. 

How Flash 2.0 works

You make your own flashcards—add pictures, words and mnemonic devices that resonate with you and help you remember the information.

Then, using the app, you snap a picture and SCRIBZEE® will organize and sort your flashcards by color for easy studying anytime and anywhere that is most convenient for you. 

When you’re feeling confident that you know your stuff, use the quiz feature to test your progress. Flip cards front and back, and swipe right for correct answers, left for wrong answers. SCRIBZEE® will keep them sorted for easy round-2 (and 3, 4, etc.) studying.

Flash 2.0 offers the best of both worlds

Flashcards are as old as time and are one of the first and most lasting study aids in the history of learning. But why are flashcards such a trusted tool for studying? 

Simple. Because they work. 

A large body of evidence suggests that self-testing enhances memory. This is called the "testing effect.” Pair this with the research that shows that handwriting improves retention and the fact that flashcards are generally viewed as a more fun way to study and it isn’t hard to see why they’ve been an educational mainstay. 

But traditional flashcards—with their cumbersome stacks and breaking rubber bands—leave something to be desired. You have to carry clunky packs with you if you want to study on the go. And if you leave a stack behind you’re flat out of luck. 

The latest digital flashcards, on the other hand, have all the luster of a tech-forward, at-your-fingertips study session, but are missing the key component of handwriting for maximum information retention. 

BUT with Flash 2.0, you get all the benefits of digital and traditional cards with none of the downfalls. This is why hamelin flashcards truly shine.

You handwrite your cards. And SCRIBZEE® offers study strategies within the app—like digital flashcards—so you can study and quiz yourself right from your phone. Win. Win. 

Flash 2.0 will change the way you study forever

  • Create customized flashcards
  • Add pictures, words and mnemonic devices that resonate with you
  • Easily organize notes in folders by colors of the cards
  • Self-study flashcards on the app anytime, anywhere
  • Study at home with a parent or a peer using physical cards
  • Monitor the learning process with the built-in quiz mode
  • Choose from 12 different colors and 2 sizes: 3x5 and 4x6
  • Make unlimited cards because the app is free

So order up your packs today and prepare to amaze your teachers with an A+ on your next test!

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