Four Steps to Attaining Your New Year’s Goal

Happy New Years!! Who's excited for all the good times coming up in 2022?! Time is really the only resource you get to control. Make the most of yours by cutting to the chase when it comes to making good on your resolutions. Follow the four steps below to lay the foundation for a great New Year.  

1) Resolve

Decide what you want and take ownership of the goal by writing it down. Putting pen to paper helps define exactly what it is you are saying and makes them easy to reference. Ask yourself, what do you want out of this resolution? Directing focus toward the outcome can help you be precise in your pledge.  

2) Rewrite

Feel free to write it down and cross it out. Put down a draft and come back to it later. Revise until you capture the essence of your plans. The physical act of writing your goals down creates more connections and thus, stronger cognitive relationship with your goal, so a little repetition goes a long way. 

3) Recite

Putting the words on paper makes them concrete, bring them to life by saying them aloud. Reviewing written goals out loud allows the brain to confirm the effect your actions have upon your surroundings. You have already made it concise and can say it proudly. Declaring your resolution further ensconces the ethics required to attain your goals. 

4) Reflect

The purpose of a resolution is to improve one’s life by sacrificing short term contentment for long term satisfaction. Reviewing your goals on a regular basis is a great way to keep your resolution fresh. Having your words written by your own hand, in your own notebook gives ample opportunity for reminders. Now with the free SCRIBZEE® app that instantly digitizes your notes, you can access your resolution anywhere, anytime. 

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Resolve, rewrite, recite, reflect; it’s that simple. Whatever your resolution, you will need time and tools to accomplish it. Hamelin’s products are great for organizing and making the most of your limited time. Convert your resolutions to note cards in a FLASH 2.0. Bring your resolution to life by writing it on paper, make it easy to access from anywhere with SCRIBZEE®. 

The only thing you have left to do is accomplish your goal. What are you still doing here? Go write down your resolution! 

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