February 11, 2019 2 min read

Tracking down notes can be a tricky, time-consuming task. For all the folders and tree structures we might have created, when the time comes to laying hands on specific notes, they are sometimes hidden in the maze of our computer.

In the SCRIBZEE® free notebook app, there is no single correct answer to the question of whether or not to create folders. Just as note taking strategies is a personal choice, each type of note organization has its followers too. You just have to choose what works best for you.

Use folders
For students and professionals handling clearly-demarcated projects with no overlap between them, it’s a fairly natural, obvious choice to use folders.

Provided you think carefully first about how to organize and name the folders, you’ll have no trouble finding your organized handwritten notes.

This is what organization expert Laurence Einfalt recommends for filing information in her article “How to sort and organize your information."

Don’t use folders
It’s not always easy to pick the best notes folder for filing: some notes relate to several projects, others don’t relate to any specific project at all. So sometimes it’s tempting to create a “Miscellaneous” folder, which inevitably turns into a sort of “junk” folder in which you can never find anything again. What’s more, projects can sometimes change track or split into two, in which case it’s difficult to split the folder.

So if you decide not to use folders, make sure you give your notes a very explicit title, using keywords but no abbreviations. Then you can simply use the SCRIBZEE® search engine (the magnifying glass icon) to track down whatever notes you need in next to no time.

It’s up to you!


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