Students: How a Spiral Notebook Can Help Build Your Personal Brand Updated 2022

Students: How a Spiral Notebook Can Help Build Your Personal Brand Updated 2022


Every day, whether consciously or not, your choices create your identity.

Think about it. From the outfits you put together and the way you style your hair, to your social media posts, your habits, and your overall attitude, you’re not just expressing yourself. You’re shaping your image—how you see yourself and how the world perceives you.

You’re building your personal brand.

And when you think of it this way, you start to realize that your decisions and actions matter.

Personal branding is important. It can open doors to amazing opportunities. And it can close them just as easily. College admissions departments and hiring managers in the workforce will both take note of your brand. The way you carry yourself, communicate, and present yourself is key. And a solid personal brand is not something you can fake—you can’t flip a switch and suddenly be someone you’re not. You have to cultivate your unique and awesome identity.

The best place to start? With a premium, high-quality double spiral notebook. And here’s why:

Just carrying a high-end notebook sends a message to yourself and others that you’re serious about learning, and that you care about your notes.

  • You value information and you’re ready to absorb as much of it as possible by handwriting your notes in class. (Handwriting improves retention, remember?)
  • In a sea of iPhone and laptop notetakers, you’ll be noticed for going your own way and getting better grades.
  • Bonus points for durability. Hard covers the signal that you don’t see your notes as disposable. You want to keep them protected by materials that don’t easily bend or rip, and snag-free wires.
  • Plus, the sleek, standout look of a really pretty notebook is a solid reflection of your personal style. Hey—if dogs can be accessories, notebooks are a no-brainer. Check out this glossy ruby red notebook we love.

You can use your notebook as a place to brainstorm, make lists, and take notes on ways to actively build your brand.

  • Imagine yourself as a much older person—the recipient of a lifetime achievement award. Think about what the speaker would say about you. The kind of person you are, the things you’ve accomplished throughout your life. This is a great way to activate awareness of your long-term goals. Write them down in your double spiral notebook!
  • Make a list of people you admire and respect. It can be people you know, famous people, relatives, friends, whoever...put them on the list with a few notes about what makes them outstanding in your eyes. Once you have your list, look for patterns in the characteristics you value. You may find that being trustworthy, for example, is a quality shared by several people you respect most. You can deduce then, that you really value trustworthiness and you can include this in your list of goals. Being trustworthy may start with a few microgoals that you can start to work on today—think showing up on time for school or practice, working on being more open with your parents, or getting your homework done without excuses.  
  • Already have some career goals in mind? Why wait until you’re out of college to get started building the brand that will support your dream? Use your notebook to make lists of people already living your dream. Do your research. Make connections. See if anyone is willing to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. And bring your notebook to these meetings to show you’re interested, you’re valuing their time, and you’re actively listening.


Having a super high-quality notebook can change the way you think and feel about yourself. It can reflect your personal style and personality. It can inspire you to take better notes and keep your goals top of mind. And it can help you be more mindful about how you’re showing up on a daily basis.

All this matters when you’re faced with an opportunity. Start building your brand today!

Be noteworthy.

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