Studying for Success from: Prep with Jen

Studying for Success from: Prep with Jen

How to make the most out of studying with Flashcards: Prep with Jen

We’re excited to share these super helpful videos of Prep with Jen’s review of our flashcards + the difference between physical & digital flashcards + Flashcard Hacks! If you don’t know her already Jen is an amazing online tutor & studying expert who shares her knowledge & tips about everything from SAT prep, to algebra & general educational advice. We were thrilled to be included in her most recent review video which you can watch below.  

Supercharge your SAT studying with Flashcards: 

In this video Jen goes over the importance of flashcards for memorization & how the practice of ‘active recall’ can open neural pathways in the brain. This means that physically writing down the information can open up a new memory link when your brain goes to recall that information later on. The more unique you can make the handwritten content the better chance you’ll have of remembering what was written down, so try to include pictures, colors, new phrases or synonyms to make it even more effective. Jen goes on to tie these techniques specifically to taking the SAT test & how flashcards can help you get a better score.  

Fun fact: Did you know flashcards are more suited for ‘contained’ fact-based learning?

It’s important to know which learning technique will work best for you and your studying goals. Take a look at this overview on the basic differences between Digital & Physical Flashcards, and how each can impact your studying differently.

Digital vs. Physical Flashcards:

In this video Jen reviews our products & talks about the pros & cons of Physical vs. Digital Flashcards by themselves. She then transitions to talking about Hamelin products & how we offer the best of both worlds with our SCRIBZEE® integration. With Hamelin you’ll never have to choose between physical or digital versions of your notes or flashcards again! Confidently make the most out of your studying sessions & distanced learning lessons with these innovative FLASH 2.0 notecards.

Here’s a screencap that outlines the major differences between our FLASH 2.0 index cards & competitors:  

As you can see in this chart and through Jen's videos, the right studying tools are key to a successful semester.

We hope you enjoyed this informational & hands on review of our FLASH 2.0 product line. Many thanks to Prep with Jen for putting together great content like this to help students of all levels succeed! To celebrate, we're offering 25% off your entire order with promo code: PREPWITHJEN
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Level Up Your Flashcards:  

If you like Jen's past videos you'll love the latest 2021 collaboration we did with Jen! Check out this recent video of hers on the best practices for using flashcards for studying.

Do you use flashcards mainly as a studying tool? Or note taking technique? Watch Jen's video to learn which one is the better practice & which you should avoid! ⬇️

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