Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation

To Those Who Teach:

We here at Hamelin want to say thank you to teachers and educators! It is due in large part to you we achieved so much, but it is also in spite of you that billions of souls find a way forward in life. We say in spite of you because teachers make the classroom a place one could stay forever. Why shouldn’t we while away the days in class, cramming our heads with knowledge? Your wit and interest in subject matter help open countless avenues of exploration. Despite luring us with endless books and experiments, we are able to pull ourselves from your halls and venture into the world. You make this possible, and we are grateful. 

Teaching with Class:

Thank you for coming on all the days you did not want to come in. Thanks for putting aside your life and attending to the lives of us squalling babes. Thanks for helping decorate for homecoming, thanks for your humor, thanks for guiding our class through tumultuous times. Thanks for answering all the questions we had, and we really appreciate you questioning all our answers😉. Thanks for challenging us and asking more of us. Thanks for your patience when we didn’t understand; thanks for listening. 

Days seem long, and the hours are short, but somehow you always have time for us. Teachers are first to arrive and last to leave; some of you are too modest for praise, but here a little anyway: you are the glue that holds many schools together. 

Why do you do it? Why do you put up with the complaints and the smells? Why do you keep coming in, what with the fights and the cliques and the grudges? We all know it’s not the money. Your parking spot is great, but there are better perks out there. I think it is because you know there is a nugget of goodness in all of us, and you are willing to build environments for them to flourish. You couldn’t sleep at night knowing you left a kid out in the cold, that is enough to warm any heart. 

Constant Battles:

If it was only with students you were forced to contend that would be worth praise, but you get it from all sides. Parents chide you at will, and you are also bound by the mechanics of your school board and curriculum. How many tirades have you had to endure? How many droning seminars will they subject you to? If you only knew the admiration those of us outside your industry hold for teachers, you may sleep better at night. There are few that can do what you do, and we are ever awed by your abilities. 

Somehow, through all the noise and the rules, you can see the human inside the student. This is a most important skill, one that more and more people refuse to practice. But you do, and you must continue. You may not see it all the time, but students watch; kids pay attention. They make quiet judgements and pick up habits of those leading them. Your steadfast natures and sound reasoning set great examples for the coming generations. 

Teacher Appreciation Every Week:

As the old saying goes, the only thing more reliable than a Hamelin notebook is a good teacher😉 Please help us thank teachers for all they do to support the classroom and the community. This week and every week, say hello to your teachers. Ask them what they need and if you can do anything to help. Here is a fun exercise (and you do not need to be enrolled to take part), write a quick letter to your kindergarten teacher, tell them some of the things you have been up to. I promise they want to know. 

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