Tech Writer Andrew George Shares His Opinion On Hamelin Notebooks

December 09, 2019 2 min read

Tech Writer Andrew George Shares His Opinion On Hamelin Notebooks

We sent some hamelin samples to tech writer Andrew George and we’re pretty stoked on his review.

Here are some of the highlights…

Hands down the Hamelin notebook feels much better to write on than the Everlast (and The Wave).

Andrew, who is a fan of Rocketbook’s reusable technology admitted that both the Wave and the Everlast are lacking in the writing feel department. And that’s where hamelin notebooks shine.

Not only are they head and shoulders above the dry-erase board-esque Rocketbook, but the smooth OPTIK PAPER TM dominates in the paper notebook category as well.

And did we mention that Andrew also felt like his notes were more well thought out and intentional when switching from the Everlast to hamelin paper?

We totally get it.

If you subscribe to the whole, ‘Look good, play good,’ or the ‘look good, work good’ mantra, Hamelin has you covered.

The professional feel and protective hardcovers seem to have made a stellar first impression.

Andrew also noted the prominent page dividers and bookmark tabs and commented on both the aesthetics of the bright colors and the smoothness of that OPTIK PAPER TM.

We’ll take it!

If you read a lot or suffer from eye strain you’ll be quite pleased with the quality of the paper Hamelin offers.

Andrew was excited about the fact that hamelin notebook paper simply won’t bleed through.

He explained that the issue of paper bleed-through with other notebooks is a significant problem for him—beyond just the usual visual distraction.

With difficulty moving his depth of field from one plane to another, bleed-through often leaves him with headaches, dizziness, even nausea to the point of opting to read digitally and wearing expensive blue-light filtering glasses.

It’s great to know we’re offering a helpful solution!

Thank you to Andrew for taking the time to write up the review.

If you’ve tried a hamelin notebook and are digging the super-smooth paper feel, the vibrant colors, the free SCRIBZEE® app or any of our other awesome features, be sure to leave your own review on one of our products.

Or check out these other awesome reviews from satisfied customers:

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