• About Us

    hamelin a family owned company with headquarters in Normandy France has been making high-quality paper products since 1864. hamelin’s expertise in crafting superior quality you can see and feel, has made them a leading supplier in the school and office market.

    For more information visit our corporate site: hamelinbrands.com


    Everyone is Noteworthy:

    We like to think that today’s notes can change our tomorrow. That in front of a blank page people should get excited. That taking good notes will bring you far. And that handwriting your notes makes you, you. Ultimately, we believe that if everyone can take better notes, everyone has a chance to become noteworthy.


    Keep Turning the Page:

    We believe in a world that helps everyone to always be encouraged, stimulated and willing to take note. A world of forever students, where people can be proud of their notes and take them anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Where notes can help people stretch their mind, move their ideas and notebooks can help them shape their future.