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Affiliate Program FAQs

What’s the hamelin Affiliate Program all about?

We're looking to grow awareness of hamelin brands and create a buzz in passionate notetaking communities!

Sign up to start earning a percentage for each sale you reccomend. If you have followers, a big group of freinds or other influence sign up for a chance to make money.

What are the requirements to become a hamelin Affiliate?

1. Must follow us on:

- Instagram

- TikTok

- Twitter
- YouTube

2. Must have atleast 5000 Total Followers on an active account

3. Must have a mailable US address.

4. Must have a Noteworthy Attitude!

Why did you establish this Affiliate Program?

We established this to help scale the exciting new buzz in and out of classrooms around our incredible new Notebooks, Flashcards & the Miracle App SCRIBZEE

You don't have to be a viral sensation or mega influencer to get involved spreading the word!

What will I earn as an Affiliate?

You will earn 5% of every order placed with your unique affiliate code.

Do I receive any samples of the products?

Yes! As a hamelin affiliate we will send you a FREE starter sample pack to test out the products and enjoy.

How will I get paid?

Quarterly payments will be sent out based on the perforamnce of the sales with your unique code.

How do I get started?

Get started by filling out the info on our affiliate sign up page and wait for a confirmation response.

Where can I use the affiliate link?

The affiliate link can be used anywhere on your approved channels

How do I spread the word? Do you provide any marketing materials?

We can provide you links to our digital asset library and any other video or logo's needed. The bulk of the promotional work will come from your end though.

What about the fine print?

Click here to read more details or contact us with any questions!

  • @Ari.Tamayo

    A talented tiktok creator
    known for her perfect handwriting & awesome college product
    recommendations. Be sure to check out Ari.tamayo’s page here for more info and content.

  • @PrepWithJen

    Last year our friend and
    incredible tutor Jen did a series of excellent deep dives on how to make the most out of studying, notetaking & test taking with our hamelin products. Grab some popcorn and sit back for a masterclass in study preparation!

  • @Calligraphy.by.amelia

    Amelia is an up-and-coming
    calligraphy star who takes full advantage of the SCRIBZEE app during busy semesters
    & loves the OPTIK PAPER TM for it’s easy to use with calligraphy pens.