Covid-19 Pandemic Updates for Hamelin Be-Noteworthy: 

The word safety is being thrown around a lot these days & there’s never been a better time to take heed of its importance. At Hamelin we strive for keeping everyone from customers to employees to drivers as safe & healthy as possible at every step of the process. Here’s some of the way’s we’re adapting to the situation.  

Delivery Delays: 

Due to the ongoing & unknown circumstances surrounding the virus and because our notebooks are not an essential item, there might be some unexpected delays in the delivery of our products. Be sure to take this into account when scheduling & ordering your items, we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.  

Studying from Home with Hamelin: 

First off, we can’t express enough how thankful we are for all the men and women on the front lines that are courageously facing risk & uncertainty so that we can all stay safe at home. Homeschooling in these circumstances is tough enough for students, teachers and parents. We’re eternally grateful to teachers for their dedication and creativityso that all our kids can continue to learn & growOur top priority is helping students succeed by giving them the tools they need to thrive. With the scale & impact of this pandemic it’s clear that lots of businesses & organizations will be forced to pivot their approach to survive moving forward & the field of education no exception. Hamelin is prepared to assist students with online learning through our free Scribzee app & seamless integration with all Hamelin products.  

General Well Being:  

Inside the classroom or out It's important for us all to stay healthy & keep motivated through this crisis. A part of our coming approach to assist our customers will be offering inspiration, advice & encouragement to those struggling with the direct & indirect impacts brought on by the Covid pandemic. Stay tuned for our coming updates on how to work with your Hamelin products to come out the other side of this healthier & as motivated as possible 

If you have any additional concerns or thoughts you’d like to share please reach out to us at & we’ll be sure to take it into consideration.