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Jen is an incredible tutor who started making videos to help her students during the pandemic. It turns out her style of education struck a chord an she continued to make an incredible number of awesome video essays on YT. If you haven't seen the videos make sure to check out her page by clicking the links below:

Here's Jen's Crash Course of Noteworthy Study Lessons!

There's so many good details, resources & tips in this treasure trove of helpful videos! Take some time to skim over the best looking ones and come back when you're ready for a deep dive.

Physical vs. Digital Flashcards
The Do's & Don'ts of making effective flashcards
High School -> College Transition?

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Thanks again to Jen for doing such a great job showing how noteworthy these product can be. And to all teachers who make a noteworthy impact in and outside of the classrooms for their lucky students!

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