Who is hamelin?
Hamelin is a French notebook company that has been around since 1864. We launched in the U.S. in 2019 with a line of high end smart notebooks & flashcards. High quality paper and steady innovation have been the backbone of our history. Click the link here to learn more about hamelin brands around the world. 

Hamelin’s OPTIK PAPER TM is engineered for superior quality. Specially engineered sizing in our fibers makes smooth, perfectly white sheets that won’t let ink bleed through. It is sturdy enough to write on both sides and you can use your favorite pen or highlighter worry free.  


What is FLASH 2.0? 
FLASH 2.0 is the next generation of flash cards that let you study anywhere, anytime. Smart phone friendly and color coded for easy organization, FLASH 2.0 will help you remember more in less time. Click the link here to learn more. 


What is SCRIBZEE®? 
SCRIBZEE® is the free app developed in house by hamelin to sync magically with both your notebooks and flashcards. Instantly scan your handwritten course material to study a gamified version of index cards on any device or search through semesters of handwritten notes and so much more! Click here to learn more about this superpowered study app. 


Where can I purchase?  
Our products are available for purchase online at this website, on our amazon store, on walmart online, and in dozens of college bookstores throughout the country. You can find a list of all stores here.  

Have more questions about SCRIBZEE®, hamelin, our products or anything else? Click the link below to visit a full tutorial page with detailed how-to instructions, friendly staff support and much more!
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