Graph Paper

Quality & Design That Adds Up...

Think outside the box!

The best paper quality in 4 square per inch quad ruled layout from hamelin. Perfect for graphing, STEM studies, or any other note-taking project! hamelin notebooks come equipped with:

- Sturdy hardcovers on the front and back

- Double wire binding


- Wide pocket folders for storage

- Colored sticker tabs for organization

- A free studying app called SCRIBZEE®

- A noteworthy community of note-taking enthusiasts!

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"Hamelin graph ruled notebooks are AMAZING!! I use graph paper often and have NEVER had anything like this. I always thought it was my pens that were awful. After using this notebook I now know all paper isn't created equally. I absolutely LOVE that you can use both sides of the paper. The app is super easy to use and definitely comes in more handy than I thought."



"I love drawing and just playing with ideas on graph paper. This Notebook is perfect for doing just that. It has a spiral hardback lime green cover so it's very durable and won't easily bend. I like that it has inside pockets to store lose papers like a folder. I really like the size and design and has a lot of graph paper in it. I'm going to use it for everything."



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