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Here at hamelin we're eternally grateful for all that teachers do to make our world a better place for future generations. Chances are if you're successful at what you do, there's a teacher somewhere down the line who helped you become that way! We want to support & cherish all teachers out there who are committed to their students & communities. This page is full of tips & techniques for how to use hamelin products best while teaching from home, we also have useful downloads to share with your students, inspiring & informational video content as well as much more!

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Virtual Learning

We all know that teaching from home is a less than ideal scenario. But it's important to look on the bright side & emphasize the positive impacts of mobile learning. SCRIBZEE¬ģ and hamelin have always put an emphasis on using technology & ways that the note taking experience can be improved upon for our customers. Here's some of the key way's SCRIBZEE¬ģ can help with your classroom management & lesson planning:

1. With SCRIBZEE¬ģ students can easily email a pdf of their handwritten assignments to turn in digitally.Encourage your students to practice handwriting skills.¬†

2. SCRIBZEE¬ģ notes can be easily uploaded to Google Drive which is perfect for virtually collaborating on group projects. You can use a shared folder to have handwritten notes available to download for the whole class.

3. Students can use SCRIBZEE¬ģ to schedule alerts for studying or add it to reminders for test day.

4. Quiz mode is the perfect way to study on the go when you're not in the classroom. FLASH 2.0 index cards coupled with the Quiz mode feature is a fun way for students to quiz themselves when they're not in the classroom.

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If you're a teacher who loves hamelin products we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out through our contact page & let us know how you're adapting to virtual learning. Looking for something specific for your classroom? Reach out to us & let us know what would be helpful for you & your students.