Handwriting Contest

The return of hamelin's Annual Handwriting Contest!

Hamelin handwriting contest is hosted annually to celebrate our love for handwriting & share the best of our creative audience's talent. Nothing excites us more than seeing the noteworthy ways students use physical handwriting to achieve their academic dreams.

To enter our contest simply send us a photo of your best looking handwritten notes. Whether you like to color-code up a storm, personalize with drawings or fancy calligraphy, we're looking for all around noteworthy content. Just take a photo (existing or new) of your best looking handwritten notes & send it to us at this email: marketing.usa@hamelinbrands.com You can also send us the photo via Instagram or Facebook if that's easier. The full contest rules are listed below. If you have any questions visit the contact page & reach out to us.

Here are some incredble examples from our 2020 Winners:

Congrats to last year's winners: @stitchesbyzia, @mochan_studio & @norwood.creech!

Here at hamelin, we're all about finding what makes you noteworthy and turning it into BE. Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Courageous. Our notebooks & flashcards are uniquely designed to take advantage of the benefits of physical handwriting & the convenience of digital compatibility. Learn more about how our journey from 1864 in Normandy, France has brought us to where we are today.

What handwriting means to us:

Handwriting is a crucial skill to master when it comes to efficient studying & communication. But it's also a beautiful art form, a relaxing way to sketch out big ideas & so much more. We love physical handwriting on its own, but did you know it has benefits when it comes to studying and memorizing? You've probably heard a teacher at some point mention that writing helps you memorize & believe it or not, they were right! It turns out physical handwriting creates connections in the neural pathways of your brain which help form stronger connections with the content you're studying. Take the time to wright things out & you'll see an improvement over just looking and facts on screens.

Contest Rules:

What kind of contest is it? Our contest is a judgement-based competition of handwriting quality. Our team will independently pick the best looking notes based on 3 categories: Details/Color, Organization & Noteworthiness. Feel free to message us if you'd like more clarification about these categories.

How do I enter? Enter by filling out the form above & submitting a photo you took of your handwritten notes. It can be any type of notes in any notebook, but we always prefer hamelin notebooks!

Who can enter? Anyone over the age of 13 who has a mailing address in the United States is eligible for this contest

What do I win? The top 3 winners get $50 worth of school supplies including: hamelin notebooks, flashcards, pens, stickers, etc. We reserve the right to send a few runner up prizes to 2nd bests or outstanding effort placements.

When can I enter? We're extending this incredible offer until the end of the month!!

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at: marketing.usa@hamelinbrands.com