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Why hamelin?


Spiral bound hardcover notebooks that come packed with useful features from cover to cover. Organizational stickers & easy to access pockets make it perfect for any semester. All that plus OPTIK PAPER TM with perforated edges makes for one of the best writing experiences of all time!


The newest flashcards in town. These elegant index cards are perfect for studying, organizing or any other big picture activity. With 12 colors & an easy to use interactive app, these are the perfect study tools for memorization. To learn more about FLASH 2.0 be sure to check out our social media channels.


All hamelin products come with the free SCRIBZEE® app which is perfect for any mobile learning environment. Store your notes on the cloud or computer & search through them with our AI powered handwriting recognition tech. SCRIBZEE® will automatically sort your FLASH 2.0 flash cards by color & can even help you study them with quizmode!

Back To School Giveaways:

Thanks so much to all those who participated in Augusts Back To School Giveaways. Congratulations to our winners as well as those winners of the Swanwick Sleep Giveaway promotion. We hope everyone has the right set of learning tools to tackle this school year of mobile learning. If you haven't already, be sure to follow us on our social media channels & sign up for our newsletter for the most up to date news on our upcoming promotions, giveaways, deals and much more!


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