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About the SCRIBZEE® App...

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Free Interactive App

Simple Scanning. The SCRIBZEE® app saves your notes in a secure cloud. They can then be retrieved, edited or shared by any connected device, wherever you may be.

SCRIBZEE® organizational features allows you to group your notes together in one place and can then be freely arranged in whichever folders you choose. Upload your notes to Google Drive with ease!

High Quality Paper

OPTIK PAPER TM by hamelin. A “high definition” writing experience that is unparalleled. The tip of the pen glides gracefully across the page, for the best writing experience possible.

Rediscover the joy of note taking in a way that suits you best: under any circumstances, whatever the type of pen you use, OPTIK PAPER TM ensures clear writing with no smudges or bleed through.

7 Colors of Notebooks

Our notebooks come in a gorgeous array of 7 colors as well as 12 unique colors just for our FLASH 2.0 index cards. Be sure to checkout our social media for more examples of the products in use!
To learn more about the benefits of color coding, checkout our latest blogs!

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