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Where can I find the SCRIBZEE® App?

The SCRIBZEE® App can be found for download on the Google & Apple app stores. Please click here to access links to both stores. The app can also be accessed through a web browser.

Does SCRIBZEE® work with any Notebook or Flashcards?

No, the SCRIBZEE® App was designed in house by hamelin brands inc. and therefore only works with hamelin brand notebooks, flashcards & other hamelin groupe products from around the world. To learn more about SCRIBZEE® and our parent company please visit the link here.

How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with the app?

The app is fully compatible with the latest version of both the ios & android operating systems. Please make sure you are using the most up to date version of the OS & App.

What are the markings in the corners?

SCRIBZEE® has special symbols built into the corner of all of our notebook & flashcard products. These symbols help the camera instantly find the edges of your notes and ensures the scans are cropped, angled & sized perfectly for later use.

Have you ever tried to take a regular picture of your notes and found it was at a weird angle, blurry, off-center, or missing some of the text? SCRIBZEE® tags work with the app to solve this problem and make sure you get a perfectly readable scan every time!

Do I need a special pen to use this?

Nope! SCRIBZEE® App works with any writing utensil, and OPTIK PAPER TM is especially designed to be crisp white & readable for even the faintest pencil scribbles. You can even write and scan both sides without worrying about bleed through. Visit our page on OPTIK PAPER TM to learn more about the quality of paper for physical handwriting.

How to scan Notebooks?

1. Tap the scan icon and open up the camer view

2. Hold the phone vertically and align the 4 SCRIBZEE® Markers with the corners of the app

3. When you hear a camera sound or see the confirmation the page has been scanned.

4. Click '+' to add more pages to the scan (like a back side) or click ok to move to pending.

5. Once in pending you can sort into folder of your choice.

How to Scan Flashcards

Step 1: Open the SCRIBZEE® App and tap the scan tab to open up the camera.

Step 2: For flashcards tilt the phone horizontal or tap the arrows & select flashcards.

Step 3: Align the 4 markers with the corner of the screen until you hear the camera sound (make sure to hold the camera steady and have good lighting or the flash setting turned on) (if you're scanning in a library or quiet place make sure to turn off your phone's ringer before you start scanning!)

Step 4: Tap the 'back' symbol and flip the index card over to scan the backside

Fun Fact: Cards are automatically sorted by the 12 unique colors in FLASH 2.0

How to Use the Web App

Step 1: Go to www.scribzee.com.

Step 2: Tap 'log in' at the top right and enter your SCRIBZEE® account information to sign into your account.

Step 3: From here you can access, organize & use your SCRIBZEE® account just like normal.

For more info on the web app check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg3GgeocOis 

How to Give Phone Camera Permission

Don't forget to give permission on your phones Operating System:

How to Use Quizmode

Step 1: Open the SCRIBZEE® App & tap the flashcards tab.

Step 2: Navigate to your deck of scanned flashcards and open that folder (Index cards are automatically sorted by color into folders).

Step 3: Tap the quiz button to start and turn your phone horizontal. From here you can tap to see the back of the card, swipe left if you got it wrong and right if you guessed correct.

Step 4: After you've completed the deck you can see your score & choose to either review the incorrect flashcards until you get 100 or start again with the whole deck.

How to Set Reminders

Step 1: Open the SCRIBZEE® app and navigate to your notes

Step 2: Once you're in your note, tap the alarm icon to schedule your important day. Set time and date then tap 'ok'

Step 3: Navigate to your alerts page to see all your alarms in one place or on a calendar view.

Pro Tip: Remember to schedule time to use quizmode right before testday!

How to Add Photos

Step 1: Open SCRIBZEE® and navigate to your notes

Step 2: Tap the edit icon in the bottom left

Step 3: Then tap the photo button to add a photo from your library

Step 4: Press and hold to drag & reorder

How to Share Your Scanned Notes

Step 1: Open the SCRIBZEE® App and navigate to your notes

Step 2: Once on your desired note, tap the share icon to chose where to send your notes

Step 3: You can email scanned assignments to a teacher, or text group notes to a cassmate. *Notes may take several minutes to sync between phones. If for some reason you don't see the transfered file show up within 30 minutes please contact us. 

Fun Fact: You can now share FLASH 2.0 index cards or whole decks of index cards the same way! Learn more about sharing in our blog post.

How to Search Your Handwritten Notes

Step 1: Tap the search tab to see the two search options "Document Name" or "Handwritten Notes"

Step 2: Select document name to search through the titles of your scanned notes & documents

Step 3: Select handwritten notes to search by keyword, AI Powered tech will find the most relevant querries & color code your results.

Step 4: Tap on the search result to open that note & get studying!

How to Rename and File Your Notes

Step 1: Open SCRIBZEE® app & tap pending

Step 2: To rename a note tap the 'more options' menu & select 'edit title'

Step 3: Add a file name and tap 'ok'

Step 4: Choose your notes with the selection icon

Step 5: Select your note and tap move to folder

Fun Fact: You can color code folders for your notes organization!

Why is the app not scanning?

It's possible that you have installed a not updated version of the app or are using an older version of your phones software, these can cause glitches in the software. Please make sure you have updated both and then try and scan again.
It is also very important to make sure you follow proper scanning technique which you can learn more about in this video. 

If it still doesn't work please contact us & we'll find you a solution as soon as possible.

I just scanned my notes. Why can't I search them?

SCRIBZEE®'s latest feature: Handwriting Recognition uses AI powered tech to search through your handwritten scans and find what you wrote down. This service does refresh every 24 hours so it's possible it could take a full day for the notes to load into the system before your handwriting is searchable. If you've waited a full 24 hours and still can't search your notes please contact us for help.

Where are my notes stored?

For more information on the app's security and where your notes are stored, please visit this article from the official website: https://help.scribzee.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024349792-How-are-my-scans-managed-in-the-cloud- 


If you have other questions notes & cloud security please feel free to contact us here.

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