Why Choose Hamelin?

Hamelin provides the highest quality paper notebooks & flashcards available at an affordable price. All of our products come equipped with a free Scribzee app which enables users to seamlessly sync their notes online & share to google documents.

If you're the type of person who appreciates good old fashioned pen & paper then you'll love Hamelin's smooth Optik paper used in all of our products. Writing has never seemed so effortless with this high quality silky paper & the digital integration features makes it a go-to tool for getting work done!

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Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it, listen to some of our satisfied customers:

"This is one of the best spiral notebooks I've ever gotten. The pages are smooth and surprisingly thick. I use to hate writing on the back of a page because I'm heavy handed and you could clearly see what i wrote on the front of the page once you flipped it over. Not with this notebook! Im able to use a variety of pens and pencils and nothing bleeds through and you cant even see the indentations of my writing on the back side! I also love how they give you stickers to keep everything organized." - Dean Calderon Amazon

"I was surprised that i would like the fact that this is a hardcover spiral. Im use to the flimsy plastic ones and i was prepared for my pages to get bent in my backpack, but this thing is super strong and ive yet to have a bent page!" -Dean Calderon Amazon "What's not to love about this notebook? The pages are super white and smooth to write on, plus they don't bleed through which I often find with other notebooks. Plus, the Scribzee App is super convenient to easily share notes with my friends!" -Gabriella Hamelin Store


"When I first received my Hamelin notebook, the first thing that caught my eye was the sturdy hardcover. As a high school student, many of the notebooks I’ve carried around in my backpack in prior years always ended up dented in the corner. With the sturdy and durable Hamelin notebook, however, I don’t think that will be a problem anymore. Furthermore, the paper itself is smooth and high-quality! So far, I’ve used a variety of gel/ballpoint/calligraphy pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers on the paper and am pleased to say that I have noticed no bleeding. I love the attention to detail put into the creation of this notebook⁠—the “slots” at the top of each page and perforations make it easy to remove the paper cleanly. What I love most about the paper is how white it is. I’ve been using this paper to take notes for school, and I’ve noticed that my notes seem to “pop” more against the bright white paper than against paper in regular spiral notebooks. The pocket dividers are also very useful for separating my notes for different classes. Lastly, I love that these notebooks come with an app, SCRIBZEE, that allows you to scan your notes and save them. Overall, I highly recommend this notebook, to students in particular! ☺️" - Izumi Grace Facebook

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