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1 Subject Spiral Notebook College Ruled 8.5"x11" Hardcover EMERALD Green

1 Subject Spiral Notebook College Ruled 8.5"x11" Hardcover EMERALD Green

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This EMERALD Green Notebook is perfect for school, home or office.

Key Features:

  • OPTIK PAPERTM smooth, bright white paper that doesn't bleed through.
  • FREE APP SCRIBZEE® Available on both Google & Apple app stores. With SCRIBZEE® You can: 
  • 1 Subject Notebook College Ruled 
  • 3 Hole Punched
  • 75 Sheets/ 150 Pages
  • Micro perforated pages for easy and clean removal of sheets
  • Hard tear resistant front and back covers that you can design
  • Double wire binding
  • Durable pocket
  • Colorful Stickers and labels
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best Notebooks Around!

After trying all the usual cheap notebooks out there, bringing this into class to take notes is a breath of fresh air. Writing is painless and not having my marker end up on the next page helps me keep clean notes, and being able to scan them in makes it all the better! And I like the included tab stickers, helps me keep organized.

The front and back covers have been very durable after being tossed into my backpack every day, multiple times a day.

Definitely recommended for any serious students out there! Go with the green - great color!

Best of Both Worlds!

Although I'm an early adopter of technology I prefer taking handwritten notes as it helps me 1) record only the salient subject matter, 2) better retain and embed the information in my mind, and 3) fuel my creative thinking and process faster. The downside is the lack of efficient organization and categorization of all information for future use. Until now, when I discovered these new smart notebooks from hamelin that allow me to do both, handwrite my notes, then using the free Scribzee app (downloaded to my . phone) I take a photo of the note pages and upload them to the cloud where I can organize, sort, rearrange, and categorize for future reference and use. All the benefits from handwriting retention to efficient organization.
More bonuses, Optik bright white paper that doesn't bleed through enabling writing on both sides, so twice the value, and the thickest covers with a rugged binding that endures all kinds of wear and tear, no tearing or falling apart like most notebooks. Bright colors are fun too, so both form and function!

Very Impressed!

This is the best hardcover notebook I've ever used. The quality of paper used for pages is smooth and not do not bleed through. I get double the usage for this notebook because I can write on both sides of the page. That translates into more notebook for my money. As an Art Director, I use many different types of writing utensils, pens, pencils, and markers. I’m not going to lie, my sketches and notes look very professional on the pages.

I use my notebook every day, the front pocket folder and stickers come in very handy for keeping my projects organized and labeled. Hamelin offers plenty of color choices to suit my moods. Everything considered, I am really impressed with the quality of the notebook and I find also exciting is the ability to use the SCRIBZEE app to scan and save my notes in the cloud. I make it a point to carry my notebook every day.