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1 Subject Spiral Notebook College Ruled 8"x10" Hardcover EMERALD Green

1 Subject Spiral Notebook College Ruled 8"x10" Hardcover EMERALD Green

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This EMERALD Green Notebook is perfect for school, home or office.

Key Features:

  • OPTIK PAPERTM smooth, bright white paper that doesn't bleed through.
  • FREE APP SCRIBZEE® Available on both Google & Apple app stores. With SCRIBZEE® You can: 
  • 1 Subject Notebook College Ruled 
  • 75 Sheets/ 150 Pages
  • Micro perforated pages for easy and clean removal of sheets
  • Hard tear resistant front and back covers that you can design
  • Double wire binding
  • Durable pocket
  • Colorful Stickers and labels
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Customer Reviews

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Teal Migliaccio
Reviewing Scribzee App

For me, this does one thing, and it does it well. Better than any similar app. I remember reading an early review of Scribzee. The reviewer wondered why you need an app to take a picture of what you've written, when you could do that with any scanning app or even any photo app. I tried using "any scanning app" and any photo app. But it just wasn't the same as scribzee.. The images from the other apps were basically just photos or faded scans that for some reason or another didn't look like actual pages. But the scans, the images, from Scribzee actually look like the pages that I just finished writing. I know the app can do more than what I use it for. But for me it does one thing and it does it well. Thank you