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1 Subject Spiral Notebook College Ruled 8.5"x11" Hardcover SUNSHINE Yellow

1 Subject Spiral Notebook College Ruled 8.5"x11" Hardcover SUNSHINE Yellow

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This SUNSHINE Yellow Notebook is perfect for school, home or office.

Key Features:

  • OPTIK PAPERTM smooth, bright white paper that doesn't bleed through.
  • FREE APP SCRIBZEE® Available on both Google & Apple app stores. With SCRIBZEE® You can: 
  • 1 Subject Notebook College Ruled 
  • 3 Hole Punched
  • 75 Sheets/ 150 Pages
  • Micro perforated pages for easy and clean removal of sheets
  • Hard tear resistant front and back covers that you can design
  • Double wire binding
  • Durable pocket
  • Colorful Stickers and labels
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Perfect Gift!

After receiving my first hamelin notebook as a gift, I am thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and intricacy of it. Coming from a family of graphic designers and writers, notebook quality and durability is of the utmost importance to us! The hard front and back cover for durability, the peel and stick labels for organization, the perforated pages for a clean tear, I could go on forever! However, my favorite aspect hands down is the Optik paper. I can write in any color ball point pen and it won't bleed through! Rest assured, I won't be buying another brand of notebooks ever again. And I will definitely be getting my family their own notebook for the holidays so they can enjoy the benefits of hamelin notebooks too!

Awesome Notebook

I have been using the Hamelin notebook at work for the past 8 months and I really like it. I take it back and forth to work and the durability is better than any notebook I have ever had in the past. I even bought a couple of them to use at home. I have one upstairs and one downstairs so I can make lists and write notes where ever I am in the house. I highly recommend the Hamelin notebook for all of your writing needs.

Best Notebook Ever!

The quality of this notebook makes writing even more enjoyable than it already is for me. I was extremely impressed by the durability and resistance to ink bleeds as I'm writing. Once you try a hamelin notebook you'll never turn to another option for your creative writing or note-taking needs. I highly recommend this notebook to everyone! I never leave home without my hamelin notebook!